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I can offer a range of treatments or a combination of treatments to help your mind, body and soul relax. I can treat aches and pains of the body or depression and anxiety of the mind. I am very empathic and sensitive to people and I will offer you the best treatment or range of treatments to help you. I am available in  Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud,  Ross-on-Wye  in my treatment rooms please contact me for more information. Alternatively I can offer you a treatment in your own home prices vary; however I do my best to help everyone and offer discounts in relevant situation


  • BSC (hons), an Ma(Ed), and a Postgraduate Teaching Certificate.
  • SNHS Diplomas In;

    Crystal Healing; Reflexology, Holistic Massage Therapy; Aromatherapy; Life Coaching; Mindfulness and Meditation.

  • SNHS Advanced Diplomas in Aromatherapy and Reflexology.
  • A qualified Reiki Practitioner.
  • Fully Insured.

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