My journey in life and who I am

My name is Sue Chant I am a fully qualified therapist who is here to help you. I am very good at helping people with anxiety, stress, depression  and pain.  Many people want to make changes to their life but find it hard as they do not know where to start this can also lead to anxiety and depression. I can help people of all ages.

My journey into studying Energy Medicine began  a long time ago over 30 years when i myself first sought aromatherapy and acupuncture for stress related illness.  Stress will manifest as disease in your body and it is the signal to you that something is going very wrong.  I have learned some very simple techniques over the years so I can teach you how to cope with stress. The effects of stress are many to the mind and body; however in general it makes us unhappy. We also respond to situations in a way we would not normally. Gaining some control of how you manage stress is vital for your health.

Earlier on a teaching career taught me all about stress! not just me; but my colleagues, the students and learning support workers. It made me realise how it affected everyone so badly they could not see the wood for the trees. It made teachers and students feel weak and  uninspired.  The whole joy of teaching and learning was lost due to stress. I can help you as I helped myself, my colleagues and the students I dealt with.

I have studied extensively Energy Medicine (the origins of which go back thousands of years) which includes Crystals, Reflexology and Reiki Healing (which is not as old). Once thought of as  “way out” it is now accepted as a valid form of holistic treatment for many medical disorders, emotional and physical. I  believe many people are dealing with disrupted energy causing them many problems that can be resolved. Aromatherapy, Massage, Crystal Healing, Reflexology and Reiki are all considered to be Energy Healing

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