Acne and Essential Oils Help in Gloucester at Holistic Health

Acne and Essential Oils  help in Gloucester at Holistic Health also available in Stroud and Ross-on-Wye. Not an easy condition to treat and one that causes much distress. Basically the Sebaceous Glands become over active creating too much Sebum. Then infection sets in; sadly this is really made a whole lot worse by picking and squeezing the spots; you must NOT do this if you want your skin to recover. There is dirt in the environment like dust particles that land on your skin aiding the bacteria that causes the infection to develop.  In turn the follicles of the tiny  hairs on your face also become infected. The discharge from pustules INFECTS further areas this is why it is vital NOT to pick or squeeze. Orthodox treatment such as antibiotics may help or antibiotic creams.  Acne and Essential Oils can be used at the same time as antibiotics; however it must be remembered that Antibiotics do have an affect on the Digestive System and gut health is linked to skin health. Blocked sinus can increase the problem and this issue must be dealt with;  Another consideration is whether you have an allergy to dairy produce as this has also been linked to acne. There are pressure points  on the side of the forehead along the eyebrows and from the forehead down the side of the nasal passages to stimulate the sinuses to eliminate. Diet and lifestyle must be looked at; smoking for example will worsen the condition. Use lavender oil neat on nasty spots to dry them up.  Peppermint is also good used neat on boils; however do not over use it as it is a strong oil and must be used with a little caution. Tea tree is excellent for acne blended with lavender oil; Tea tree is very good if there is a candida infection at the cause of the skin problem this again start with the digestive system.  You must support your gut health by what you eat. you can buy tablets to aid gut health. Geranium balances the production of sebum.  Grapefruit essential oil is a great toner.

The skin should be thoroughly cleansed in unperfumed soap  and then cleansed with the oils each evening. Mix the oils 2 drops of each   teatree/lavender/grapefruit in a light non oily, non scented light moisturiser or even just dab it on with rosewater with the oils in. Do this twice a day.  The other things I would recommend are exclude all cosmetics (for a time or as much as possible) Avoid all junk food.  Citrus foods can worsen the situation.  Make sure you are taking plenty of Vitamin C and Zinc. You must exercise and drink plenty of natural spring water to eliminate toxins.  Make sure you are opening your bowels regularly.  Eliminations are vital for all the cells of the body particularly the skin cells.  Most of us do not drink enough water; this means the body has to work much harder to have a bowel movement.  The colon can become compacted with stools which are in effect releasing toxins back into the body via the bloodstream.  All sounds horrible and it really is.  If we are washing and cleansing our skin but we are allowing toxins to build up inside we are fighting a losing battle.  You really must do everything possible to keep the bowels moving.  This can start with drinking enough water and then ensuring there is enough fibre in the diet.  In the western world we have become too dependent on refined sugars and carbohydrates and there is NO real nutrition in these foods.  Protein is vital for growth and repair and most of us do not eat enough good quality protein eggs/ fish/ white meat and a small amount of red meat. If you want your skin to be healthy then you have to nourish the cells.  The best way is to make sure you eat the rainbow. A large selection of fruit and vegetables.  I find it easy to eat them as a blended drink for example my breakfast drink this morning was a lemon, an apple, black grapes, strawberries, watercress, and fresh mint.  I put it in the freezer to chill down and it was deliciously refreshing in this heat.   I then had cauliflower and green beans with some fish for lunch. I have so far managed 8 today.  Later I will have some peas and brocoli with the rest of the fish and I have eaten my rainbow of 10!

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