Are you overweight in Gloucester, Stroud, Bristol or Ross-on-Wye

Are you are overweight in Gloucester, Stroud, Bristol or Ross-on-Wye.  I can help  because it may be your Chakras need aligning. The energy may not be flowing through your body freely. The Root Chakra really governs your base needs like food, warmth, security and comfort. If this Chakra is closed or blocked you may crave food, often poor quality food like chocolate, crisps or chips; you are trying to bring comfort to your body. The problem is these foods never satisfy your hunger as they lack the nutrients your cells need, because of this even though you ate the chocolate and the crisps you are still hungry as your cells are screaming for nourishment. Before you embark on a starving diet have a crystal healing session. Then think about the food you are adding to your diet like fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs; some meat if you are a meat eater. Before you try stopping bad habits/food introduce lots of good food once the cells are not screaming for nutrition you will find it easy to drop the food that’s adding weight but not nutrition.

It is never easy to lose weight and start a new life; diets are thrust upon you at every advert on Facebook, the television  and all shops and supermarkets by the products that they sell.  Sadly it is not enough to decide to eat these so called “slimming foods”.  In reality fat free usually means loaded with sugar.  The person who is overweight needs to spend more time examining what has made them over eat or crave the wrong foods.  Sometimes in starts in childhood as the parents have bad eating habits and pass them on and it becomes a learned behaviour. Some parents will reward good behaviour with chocolate and treats; so in later life when we want to reward ourselves we have already been conditioned to have treats and chocolate as a reward.

Somebody craving food and that craving seems insatiable may not be drinking enough water.  You will have a thirst that will turn to hunger if you do not satisfy your thirst.  Many people are dehydrated everyday and no longer recognise their thirst. Lemon in its natural state is acid;however when we metabolise it,it becomes alkaline, this alkalinity is good for the body.  Lemon also freshens the  breath and removes unpleasant odours (chefs use it to remove garlic smell from their hands). Try putting sliced lemon in your water it is also said to speed up digestion. Warning it can damage enamel on the teeth so clean the teeth afterwards.

As already mentioned the body craving nutrients will make you hungry as the cells require nourishment.  Beware if you are reaching for crisps and chocolate they are loaded with addictive chemicals to make you crave them more!

It really is a horrible circle for people struggling with weight gain and unable to shift it; so if you have tried dieting and it does not work for you or you can not stick to it; why not try a different approach.  As a life coach I can help you reach your goals with a plan of action. We will also examine why you have not succeeded in the past.  What are the reasons behind you weight gain.  What are your limiting factors blocking your success.

Life coaching combined with crystal healing is a very good way to start. You really can remove the negative energies from your body, make sure your energies are flowing correctly and the have some sound ideas to get you started.

I am happy to see you in any of the clinics I work in or alternatively I can see you in your own home.