Depression or Anxiety help or just Stuck in a rut? help in Gloucester

Depression or anxiety help or  just stuck in a rut ? There is help for you at Holistic Health Gloucester, Stroud, Bristol or Ross on-Wye. Do you want a better life? Do you act in ways you would rather not? Do you feel that you are not in control of your destiny and that life is something that is happening to you? Do other people have the secret formula but you do not. You are working hard but not getting where you want to be or all your friends have partners and you are single and wishing you were in a relationship.  You may be in a relationship  and want to get out but do not know where to start. You need a plan and you need help to formulate that plan and put it into practice. I can help you with life coaching sessions which will basically signpost you to where you want to be. we work together with tried and trusted formulas. In very simple terms you may have all the ingredients to get where you want but it is still not happening. You need a recipe to follow. I have lots of recipes that can be adapted as necessary.

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