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We have all known people who bring us down, or lift us up, or situations that drain us of our energy; even though we may be just sitting in a room. We have all heard the saying “ it/ she or he gave me a really good vibe. Without realising it we are referring to how that person or situation is affecting our energy. Crystals can raise our energy and make us feel so much better. Read on to gain an understanding that crystals are not just pretty; crystals are potent sources of energy that are used in modern medical equipment, computers, lasers and much more. The fact they can store and release energy is scientific, even being used in quartz crystal watches. Crystals can help to restore your energy.

Crystal healing is a healing modality that places its reliance on the existence of energy fields. Healing is achieved by the interplay between the human energy field and the energy field of the crystal. This interplay of energy fields can be explained using the terms and theories that are emerging from research into quantum physics. Einstein's famous equation that describes the relationship between Energy (E), mass (m), and the speed of light (c) is E=mc2 .

This equation establishes the fact that energy transforms into mass. However, the equation tells us much more than this, the equation tells us also how much energy is needed to create the appearance of mass. The consequence of this is that everything that we see, feel, or experience in any way is nothing more than a collection of energetic charges that are interacting within a background of electromagnetic charges and fields.

There is no such thing as mass, there is only an electrical charge providing us with what we perceive as mass. To quote Albert Einstein further, "Everything in life is vibration". This law of nature states that everything has a vibration. When you studied chemistry at school, you can probably remember learning about atoms and that everything was made up of atoms. Atoms are not static building blocks; atoms are in a constant state of motion and things appear as a solid, a liquid, or a gas as a consequence of the speed of these atoms.

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Sound is also a vibration as are our very thoughts. That information is transmitted because of matching frequencies - the frequency of vibration of the transmitter matches the frequency of vibration of the recipient. In view of the fact that there is only energy and its field, we can see that everything is influenced by the interaction of fields. The energy field of the crystal interacts with the energy field of the human being treated thereby raising the person's unique energy vibration to a higher level and improving their wellbeing.

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