For centuries different parts of the world have recognised that there is a life force of energy in and around the body.  The life force is known as Chi in Chinese or Prana in India. They knew the body was designed to heal itself through 3 energy fields that are working with our bodies.  There is the biofield or what people call the aura. In Sanskrit there is The Chakra System and in Traditional Chinese Medicine the “Chi” flows through the Meridians that are energy channels in the body.

Energy is really all there is; even the matter that is your human body is congealed energy.  The therapies that come under the umbrella of energy medicine that I offer are Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing and Eden Energy healing. Western conventional medicine has traditionally focused on treating disease; While Eastern medicine is a system for health and wellbeing.  Energy medicine aims to restore the body's natural balance of energies promoting or restoring health and vitality.

Here is the inevitable disclaimer;

you should always see your GP if you are concerned that you have a medical issue before turning toward Holistic therapies.


What is Energy medicine?

Energy medicine includes Acupuncture, Acupressure, Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy; to name but a few of the treatments that come under the umbrella term of energy medicine.

Whether we know it or not we are all aware of our energy being affected. It could be a person that brings you down and drains you of your energy, it could be the opposite; someone who lifts you. It could be a room; a crowd; a heating system; even a colour or a smell can have an effect on your energy levels and the flow of energy in your body. Energy medicine will help to restore your flow of energy.

We all have an energy field around our body called an aura made up of several layers that interact with the physical body.  We also have meridian lines that run through the body allowing energy or our life force to flow. The Chinese call this energy “Chi” and the Indians call it “Prana”.  We also have spinning vortexes of energy all over the body. The main 7 energy centres are called “Chakras” when the energy flow gets disrupted, we can become ill or suffer some of the symptoms I suffered at school and I now realise my energy was “scrambled” and not flowing; this was also most likely the case in many of the students I tried to help.

I knew enough quantum physics to know that everything in life is energy and that everything is connected. Science is now proving what the ancient people of China, Japan, India and other Eastern philosophies knew thousands of years ago.  That our life force energy must flow correctly for us to be well.

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