Respiratory /coughs help in Gloucester Stroud and Ross on Wye

Respiratory /coughs help in Gloucester Stroud and Ross on Wye; I am adding this blog as several people have asked me about coughs and colds or long term coughs especially after COVID-19.  We first need to cover the basics: are you drinking enough water? without enough water the mucus in your lungs may become to thick and sticky to cough out and it will sit in the tiny Aveoli in the lungs making oxygen transfer difficult. Also you need to be eating a balanced diet, getting fresh air and regular exercise. See a Dr with any persistent cough and insist on an XRAY if you are not happy that things are clearing up. One thing that can happen is that sinus’s can get blocked without you realising it as such and then at night mucus can trickle down the back of your throat and into your lungs causing a mucus build up. Try taking Sudafed for a couple of days as this can help to clear the sinus’s; also steam inhalations are really good for shifting stubborn blockages but you need to do it twice a day for 10 minutes.  There are also reflex points on the feet and hands to help stimulate the sinus’s and clear them.

Vitamin C can be taken in much higher doses by some people and you will know when you have taken too much as it will effect your bowels so that you become loose. A good idea is to increase your vitamin C every few days until what we call bowel capacity in other words once you get a bit loose cut back to the daily dose before you got “loose” bowels.  Vitamin C really helps mucus membranes and also clears the urinary system. This is why you crave vitamin C type foods when you are ill.  I always crave an orange when I am coming down with a cold.

Try getting some fresh sage and making sage tea by adding some finely chopped sage to boiling water and leaving to steep and then drinking it five minutes or so later. ( you should avoid sage if pregnant or trying for a baby.

You can make a mixture of essential oils a couple of drops of each in a carrier oil like almond oil and rub it into your chest or you can drop the mixture into a very warm bath to inhale the steam.  or you can use it for steam inhalations.  The following oils are very good for respiratory complaints:

Inhaling oils in steam should be avoided  with ASTHMA and may start an attack; although smelling antispasmodic oils dropped on a tissue or placed in a
humidifier may well help when an attack is at crisis point. Some asthmatics
can be  allergic to the oils themselves since the condition arises from
allergens linked to stress. Chamomile is a gentle oil which may well help as too
is Bergamot.
It is also recommended that Lavender and Rose be used in massage of the
thorax and Clary Sage, all of which are antispasmodics.

Asthma Basil, Sage, Lemon Thyme Lavender Marjoram Melissa *** PLEASE NOTE ABOVE***
Peppermint Pine Rosemary
Bronchitis Basil Bergamot Cajuput Aniseed Hyssop Lavender Benzoin Clove Sandalwood
(chronic) Eucalyptus Lemon Melissa Peppermint Pine Origanum
Niaouli Sage Tea Tree Rosemary Savory

Some oils mix together better than others; so seek advice from an aromatherapist as some oils are also quite potent.

You can also put some Eucalyptus on a hankie and breath it in this can really help.

NIAOULI is a very good oil for mucus in the respiratory system

Herbs that you can use are cayenne pepper, cinnamon and Hyssop- what I will add that a sluggish digestive system will not help either so make sure you have plenty of bowel movements. A build up of toxins in the hind gut will not help