Sore Throats or Catarrh or Respiratory Infections Gloucester

The essential oil Sage is very good for aching muscles and joints a couple of drops in the bath is a great way to use it or in a foot bath for sore feet; also eases chilblains.   Can be very good for Hay Fever if you get a sore throat; get a few sage leaves put hem in boiling water and leave to steep.  Then gargle with the liquid it loosens catarrh and eases the sore throat. You can drink Sage Tea to ease respiratory infections.  A flannel soaked with a sage infusion placed on the head will ease a headache.  A chamomile compress will help with sore eyes again a couple of drops in warm water then cooled and placed on the eyes. WARNING YOU MUST AVOID SAGE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR TRYING FOR A BABY!! as it can lead to miscarriage.

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